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Date: 2nd June 2016
Dock Levelers
1.Instructiona. Hydraulic dock ramp is the auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and lifting.?b. It is widely used in warehouse,Website:http://www.liftsplatform.com, station, wharf, warehousing logistics base, postal transportation, logistics?? ? distribution etc.c. Convenient push button activation and first-class hydraulic technology increase the efficiency and safety?? ? of the loading/discharging jobs.?d. It is classified to five kinds by carrying-weight capacity, such as 6T, 8T, 10T, 12T, 15T etc.DCQ 6-0.5560002000?20004003002500.7520802040600DCQ 6-0.760002500?20004004003000.7525802040600DCQ 8-0.5580002000?20004003002500.7520802040600DCQ 8-0.780002500?20004004003000.7525802040600DCQ 10-0.55100002000?20004003002500.7520802040600DCQ 10-0.7100002500?20004004003000.7525802040600