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Date: 2nd June 2016
Inclined Platform Lifts
Main Function?1. Fully automatic operation: without human intervention,Website:http://www.liftsplatform.com, automatic folding, homing.2. Manual operating system: manual control switch, you can manually control platform auxiliary drive system operation.3.Run warning with sound and light two kinds of warning mode.4.Automatic deceleration: platform coming away / landing point is reached, automatic acceleration / deceleration.5.Self-checking system6.Intelligent charging7.Abnormal operation can not run8.Safety pedal is not in place and the security fence will not run9.Non-contact and contact sensors to stop running an obstacle ahead, the obstacle is removed automatically continue to run.10.Platform abnormal operation protection (Safety Protection System)11.Limit-protection device automatically stops running12.Over power protection devices13.Running an emergency stop device14.Can be used with an external fire or alarm system linkage15.Main pedal platform slip tread with paint, anti-slip coefficient of not less than 0.8516.Easy to operate17.Intelligent CVT18.Wide applicability19.Remote control?Technical parametersPlatform size1120?8001000mm(standard size)Load capacity250kgSpeed0~7M/MIN /0-7m/min?Slow down when reaching or leaving platformsDrive system1.5KW-VVVFcompact drive systemGuide railIndependent driving system and rails makes one body, guard rail and posts are made of 304 SS.PowerAC 220/380V 50Hz-60Hz?15AAC 220/380V 50Hz-60Hz,15AcommunicationCarrier communicationPlatform operationEmergency STOP button to bring the lift to an immediate stop,Key switch to enable use of the pendant control buttons,DC24VRemote call station buttonsUsed to call/send the lift and fold/unfold the platform (call send only works with platform folded up)SurfaceDurable static powder coat and?stoving varnish, optional colorSafety armsAutomatically safety arms installed 880mm high on the platformSafety warning lightingThe yellow landing light is mounted in view of each landing and the travel of the lift, either at the middle landing or in the middle of travel The landing light flashes to indicate that the unit is in use.Over-speed governorThe over-speed governor is a safety device located at the lower end of the rail. It will activate to quickly bring the lift to a stop if it is descending down the stairs too quickly.Obstruction sensorsStop working when encounter an obstacleManual toggle keyManual descend the platform and fold the platform in emergencyDrive systemRope sprocket drive systemDirection systemModular guide rail systemControl systemPLC controlOverload protectionRelay protection deviceGuard plateThree side, Two side automaticEmergency stopLocated on the platform control panel can be pressed in an emergency to stop the lift.Safety interlockNo working if safety devices not in its positionSafety edgeStop working when encounter an obstaclePower-off controlManual folding when power offSafety rampRamp up when liftingSensorsEdge sensors and slide plate?sensors to sense the obstacleSafety keysSpecial keys controlSafety protection systemIndependent Safety protection systemStop placeLower placeStop buttonEach stop points have stop buttonNon-touching sensorInfrared Sensor to sense the obstacleWarning deviceUrgent call buttons, different sound in different conditionwireless remote controlUse in emergency for the operatorColorLightest gray or customizedWarning lightWorking and checking lightFoldable seatSafety belt and Pack up automatically