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Date: 2nd June 2016
Self-propelled Scissor Lift
Introduction?The scissors lift takes storage battery as the power source ,Website:http://www.liftsplatform.com,and makeshift low noise and no emission when working ,so it can be used in indoor occasions such as workshops ,warehouses ,hotels etc .Technical parametersWorking height max6.5m7.65m9.69m11.5m13.23m13.72m15.965mLifting height maximum4.8m6.15m7.99m9.8m11.53m12.02m14.265mLoad capacity280kg230kg320kg320kg230kg320kg320kgLength1.89m1.89m2.485m2.485m2.485m2.93m2.93mWidth0.76m0.76m0.82 m1.15m1.15m1.75m1.75mHeight?stowed?2.2m2.4m2.54m2.41m2.535m2.735m2.895mHeight?fence foldabled?1.55m1.55m1.55m1.96m2.085m??Platform eight minimum1.17m1.25m1.39m1.31m1.435m1.58m1.74mPlatform size1.79?0.74m1.79?0.75m2.26?0.8m2.26?1.13m2.26?1.13m2.93?1.13m2.93?1.65mStreched platform max0.9m0.9m0.9m0.9m0.9m1.1m1.1mGround clearance60/20mm60/21mm100/20mm100/20mm100/20mm200mm200mmTurning radius1.6m1.6m2.3m2.3m2.3m4.5m4.5mTraveling speed?stowed?3.2km/h3.2km/h3.2km/h3.2km/h3.2km/h3.2km/h3.2km/hTraveling speed?rised?0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/hGrade capacity25%25%25%25%25%20%20%Driven wheels0.305?0.1m0.305?0.1m0.38?0.125m0.305?0.125m0.305?0.125m0.6?0.19m0.6?0.19mWeight1350kg1580kg2300kg2450kg2580kg3150kg3350kgLifting motor24v/3 kw24v/3 kw24v/3 kw24v/3kw24v/3 kw48v/5 kw48v/5 kwMaintenance-free battery4?6/230 V/Ah4?6/230 V/Ah4?6/230 V/Ah4?6/230 V/Ah4?6/230 V/Ah8?6/215 V/Ah8?6/215 V/AhCharger24/20-30 V/A24/20-30 V/A24/20-30 V/A24/20-30 V/A24/20-30 V/A48/50-50 V/A48/50-50 V/AAdvantages??1.Flexible the steering wheel can make 90.turn in site ,can run in both high and low speeds ,and can be used even in small space??2.Compact structure The electric scissors lift with size lower than 6m are compact and the whole width is 760mm.its working guardrails can be folded ,which can go through small openings and operate in small space??3.Swing-out tray The trays in both sideshow of the chassis can be swing out ,which facilitates the maintenance ,inspection and replacement .?4.larger working space The platform can extend on one side (electrical ) or extend on both sides (diesel) ,which can enlarge the working space .?5.Foldable guardrails The guardrails of platform are foldable or dismountable ,and can reduce the height of the whole machine ,which ship well and have good passing ability .?6.diverse choices Two choices including hydraulic motor and electric motor can be selected in the drive system ;some models have different sizes for choice .the color can be determined based on the user preference .