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Date: 2nd June 2016
Towable Boom Lifts
1. Introduce? ? It is used for maintenance or aerial work,Website:http://www.liftsplatform.com, can also move a short distance.? ? It can move upward and downward automatically, be operated both on platform or on ground.? ? With compact structure of lift could be used in tight space.?2. Advantages? ? Two sources of power: Storage battery and Diesel engine.And the storage battery works without noise.? ? With four full-automatic hydraulic legs, ?it can be more stable.? ? Boom rotation 360?, so it can work across the barriers.3. Safety? ?1. Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.?? ?2. Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure.?? ?3. Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency.? ?4. Phase lack & phase dislocation protection.HTZB-81100?700810200kg5.2?1.6?1.93.5m1.5HTZB-101100?7001012200kg5.4?1.6?1.94m1.6HTZB-121100?7001214200kg6.4?1.8?2.25.5m1.8HTZB-141100?7001416200kg6.8?1.8?2.26.5m2.0HTZB-161100?7001618200kg7.2?1.8?2.47m2.2