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Date: 2nd June 2016
Truck Scissor Work Platform
Production introductionCar scissor lift is a four mobile traction with two-in-one,Website:http://www.liftsplatform.com, using the chassis of the vehicle undercarriage do platform, do use the car to start power, can be driven both with a lift. Car scissor lift with minivans (auto) or car battery as a carrier, mobile and flexible rapid, simple operation, wide operating range. Car Scissor lifts adopt scissor lift structure, scissor rectangular structure made of high quality manganese steel production, the overall strength, carrying capacity, lift, good stability, widely used in urban construction, oil, transportation, municipal, outdoor advertising and other industries.FeaturesHigh stabilitylarge platform,high carrying capacity,greater range of aerial work?for many people simultaneously.ApplicationEspecially suitable for long-distance, large-scale, high-altitude operations in different workplaces, such as road transport, street lighting, rescue and other projects. Platform power can use the car battery or DC power, safe and reliable.